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As one of the most popular imported handicrafts, African baskets have become a favorite around the world. While beautifully crafted baskets are made throughout Africa, none compare to the quality, craftsmanship, and popularity of the baskets from the village region of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana. For decades Ghanaian Kinkanhe Straw has been transformed into brilliant works of art by skilled artisans.

B & B Market Baskets are all completely hand-woven and come in as many unique sizes, colors and patterns as they have household uses. Your basket could be used as a gardening partner, grocery carrier, picnic basket, or the centerpiece of a fine living room.

B & B Market Baskets firmly believes in fairly traded principles that create environmentally conscious, community sustaining and economically advantaged conditions for all of the employees, partners, weavers and their families.

Each basket you purchase helps a family in Ghana build a better tomorrow!