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:: Mission

To encourage the use of sustainable, eco-friendly, natural fiber materials in lieu of chemically produced, petroleum based products such as plastic and synthetic fibers. We view our products as the perfect alternative to plastic and paper grocery bags, as well as a variety of other synthetically produced items.

:: Company Overview

B & B Market Baskets is owned by Betty Lindholm and Bunny Lincoln, long time friends and teaching colleagues from Etna, California. Now retired, they began B & B in response to endless inquiries regarding the source of the beautiful baskets that they use for everything from grocery shopping, to endlessly hauling school supplies from class to class, managing their children's toys and making order out of chaos in their homes and vehicles.

B & B Market Baskets are featured at various Farmer's Markets, regional events and specialty consignment shops throughout southern Oregon, northern California and the west coast.

B & B is honored to support the efforts of the non-profit foundation, "Every Basket Helps" (EBH). In addition to compensating individual weavers at a higher than normal rate, our EBH importer donates 10% of the company's annual profits back to the foundation.

In 2011, EBH partnered with Ghana's Ministry of Health, for a second year, to provide health care to another 1,000 weavers and their families. In 2009, EBH completed a community weaving center, serving three villages and over 250 weavers. In addition to providing a place for the weavers to to gather and produce their baskets, the center is also used for village meetings and school studies.

B & B also features a large variety of other beautiful, handcrafted products from other international regions, such as Cambodia, Mexico and Nepal. All are created from locally produced, natural fibers designed to lessen the demand for synthetic, chemically produced alternatives that are so prevalent in today's society.